Steel Coils / Coil Slitting Services in Ghana and Angola

If you are looking for a service provider that offers professional, and efficient coil slitting services in Ghana or Angola, Clotan Steel can assist.

PEMB in Construction (Only available in South Africa)

Clotan Steel is a leading steel products manufacturer, supplying a wide range of steel products and related services to clients across Africa.

Steel coils are widely used in many manufacturing industries including the automobile, electrical appliance and construction material manufacturing industries to name a few. Clotan Steel will slit the coil according to your specification, to ensure that you get the best steel products that fit your needs. Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about ordering the steel coil you need for your project in Ghana or Angola. Click Here to find out more about PEMB

About coil / coil slitting

Coil is a semi-finished steel product in the form of a sheet or strip, which is wound or coiled after rolling. Coil slitting involves a process of cutting coil into smaller strips, to fit the needs of different uses and applications. Steel coils are also available in different specifications and finishes. Some common uses and applications the different types of coiled steel products include:

• Cold rolled steel: Hot rolled steel products are widely used in construction, roofing systems, automobiles and household appliances such as fridges and more.

• Hot rolled steel: Hot rolled steel products include railway tracks, I-beams, round-, flat- and square bar to name a few.

• Galvanised steel: Galvanised steel products are also used in the automotive industry, as well as the manufacturing of steel roofing products and accessories (rainwater goods, flashing).

• Tinplate and aluminium: Tinplate and aluminium is greatly used in packaging, such as cans, household equipment and even in the manufacturing of aeroplanes.

• Stainless steel: Many products in the food service, aerospace, and automotive industries are made from stainless steel.

Whatever the use of your steel coils in Ghana or Angola, Clotan Steel will supply you with steel coils that meet your exact specification and needs. The strength, versatility and efficiency of steel makes it ideal for a variety of uses in a number of industries.

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    Leading supplier of steel coils and slitting services in Africa

    Clotan Steel will provide you with excellent levels of service when it comes to your steel coil and coil slitting needs in Ghana or Angola. At Clotan Steel we aim to offer an efficient and timely service, supplying our client with high quality steel products that meet their requirements. Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of steel products, including roofing material (IBR, corrugated, widespan and c-tile roof sheets), light steel frames, lipped channel, rainwater goods, pre-painted steel products and more. Talk to a consultant today about your steel product needs in Ghana or Angola.

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