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Clotan Steel is a reputable steel products manufacturer in Southern Africa, supplying our steel products to a number of Southern African countries, including Angola.

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If you are in need of a supplier of steel products in Angola that will supply you with high quality steel roofing products including roof sheeting, concealed fix roofing systems and other roofing accessories, Clotan Steel will assist.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality steel roofing products to construction companies, aiming to exceed their expectation regarding service delivery. Your steel products will be made according to your specifications to ensure satisfying results. Read more about our concealed fix roofing system, the Craft-Lock, manufactured by Clotan Steel.

About the Craft- Lock concealed fix roof system from Clotan Steel

Concealed fix roof systems offer the benefit of a concealed fixing method, meaning that there are no visible fixes once installed. There are many benefits of this concealed fix roofing method, which is why it is becoming the preferred choice of roofing methods in Angola and other Southern African countries. Clotan Steel supplies the Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing system, which boasts a unique and patented fixing method. Enjoy the following advantages when making use of the Craft-Lock from Clotan Steel:

  • There are no visible fixes once the roofing system is installed. This also helfps to offer leak-free fixes.
  • It is ideal for applications enlarge buildings and construction work such as retail, industrial and educational environments.
  • The Craft-Lock concealed fix roof sheeting systems is also very cost-effective as there will be no material waste.
  • Installation of the Craft-Lock is also relatively easy, and can be completed by unskilled labour.
  • Quicker installation times will also keep labour costs to a minimum, ensuring even more cost saving opportunities.
  • Steel is environmentally friendly (steel is 100% recyclable), and the product can also be re-used should the building be demolished.
  • Practically any lengths of concealed fix roof sheeting are available (if profiled onsite).
  • Steel is an exceptionally good building material – It is resistant to warping, rotting or early deterioration, and is insect resistant.
  • The concealed fixed panels cannot easily be removed by intruders to gain access to a building, making it more secure than other roofing options.

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    Distributing steel products across Southern African countries – Clotan Steel

    Based in South Africa, Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products, supplying a wide variety of steel products to construction and industrial companies. If you are in need of a supplier of concealed (continuous) fix roof sheeting that will supply your company in Angola or other Southern African country, Clotan Steel is the company for you. Trust Clotan Steel for the best concealed fix roof sheeting systems in Angola – Talk to a sales consultant today.

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