Fraud Awareness

Fraud Awareness

Clotan Steel deals in honest, ethical, fair and in good faith with the customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, advisors and regulators of Clotan Steel and never through unlawful, dishonest or unethical business practices.  We believe that honesty and integrity are key values of our business offering.

Clotan Steel has established a facility that enables whistle-blowers to report wrongdoing related to the business of Clotan Steel. Your concerns are important to us, please notify us on any fraudulent activity suspected.

Clotan Steel Guidelines on Reporting Fraud

Clotan Steel commits to treat all wrongdoing and allegations of fraud and will investigate any incidents reported.

What types of fraud can be reported?

 There are two main types of fraud that can be reported:

  • Criminal (commercial crimes) – This relates to any unlawful acts for example, but not limited to bribery, forgery, corruption, theft, receipt of stolen property and payment of bribes etc.
  • Other irregular or unethical behaviour – This includes the following, but not limited to not obeying Clotan Steel policies and sensitive issues like harassment, racism etc.

How to report fraud on our whistle-blower’s facility?

Any person can report fraud, who has a belief that there is any wrongdoing related to any of the above matters, must report the concern via our Whistle Blower email address

Concerns need to be raised in good faith and not be for any personal gain. When making the disclosure, the allegations contained therein needs to be substantially true.

Clotan Steel shall ensure that whoever makes the disclosure, will not be penalised or suffer any adverse actions for reporting fraudulent activity.

Assist us to combat fraud by giving Clotan Steel the following information in the comments section provided in the contact form below:

  • Date, time and place of the incident
  • Person(s) and or name(s) involved
  • Indicate where there any witnesses to the incident
  • Proof of wrongdoing
  • Indicate if any money was involved in the incident

Your concerns are important to us, please notify us. All reported matters will be treated confidentially



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