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Light weight steel frames

If you are considering light steel frames for your building or construction project, you won’t be disappointed. Steel frame houses pose so many benefits for builders and home owners in South Africa, that it is easy to see why this is becoming the most popular building method in today’s time.

Clotan Steel is a manufacturer and supplier of light steel frames for steel frame construction, supplying clients in South Africa and other African countries with steel frames that fit their requirements and project needs. Read more below about our light steel frames for steel frame houses, or contact us at Clotan Steel for more information today.

The benefits of steel frame houses for home owners and builders in South Africa

Clotan Steel’s steel frame products offer flexibility when it comes to design and architecture. Steel frame homes are a cost effective and sustainable construction solution, offering many benefits to the construction company and home owner, which includes:

  • • Quicker to build: Due to the quicker construction of steel frame building methods, home owners will enjoy earlier occupation of up to 50% quicker than conventional building methods.
  • • Cost effective: This construction method is very cost effective, as the light steel frames will be supplied according to the necessary specifications and requirements. There is very little material wastage when the steel frames are supplied in this manner.
  • • Strong and durable: Steel frame houses are very durable; steel frame structures from Clotan Steel are manufactured from strong, high quality steel which is ideal for buildings and structures. Steel is also beneficial when it comes to design, as the strength of the material allows for long spans and curves to be easily integrated into practical designs. Steel offers the highest weight-to-strength ratio of any building material.
  • • Safety: Steel is resistant to fire, meaning that it will not aid in the spread of fire if burnt. It is also ideal for houses or structures built in areas that are prone to strong winds and earthquakes.
  • • Environmentally friendly: Steel frame houses also offer the benefit of being environmentally friendly, as steel is fully recyclable, and less material will be wasted.
  • • Pests: Steel frames houses are ideal for South African home owners, as it is resistant to pests like termites.


Trust Clotan Steel to supply you with steel products for steel frame houses. In addition to our light steel frames, Clotan Steel will also assist to complete the rest of the building project by supplying roof sheeting, roofing accessories and other steel products. Talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today regarding our light steel framing solutions.


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