Alternative Building Methods in South Africa

Alternative Building Methods in South Africa When it comes to construction, construction teams want to make use of the best possible materials that not only offers them a cost-effective solution, but also safe, durable and reliable. This is why alternative building methods in South Africa have become so popular, especially light steel frame construction.

There are many reasons why you would want to save on building costs and consider alternative building methods, but most importantly it’s about productivity and safety. Light steel construction is ideal for residential and commercial building projects, as it has a lot of benefits to offer. It’s lightweight, durable and extremely versatile to work with. This material will also withstand nature’s elements quite effectively, including wind, rain and earthquakes. It’s a great option for any construction team.

Clotan Steel offers a one year workmanship guarantee.

Steel is stronger than a lot of alternative materials, making it a great option to work with. It is also safer to build with, as it is non-combustible and allow for safer structures to be built. If you make use of a supplier like Clotan Steel for your construction needs you can also benefit from a one year workmanship guarantee.

One of the best benefits is that this alternative building method is affordable too. Erection is simpler and much faster, resulting in considerable savings in labour and financing costs. There is almost no waste and scrap involved and is makes for lower cleaning up costs too. It also has a very high recycling factor, making it even more attractive as a building material. With the ability to build faster, you can also benefit from having your projects completed earlier and thereby reducing costs as well.

There are so many great reasons why you should consider this option as an alternative building method in South Africa. It is perfect for a variety of construction projects, large or small and you can benefit from a doable and reliable material that will definitely offer you value for money and versatility too.

Clotan Steel specialises in alternative building methods that include light steel frame construction options. We offer an on-site production service and we will make sure that you get the best possible solution to your construction needs.

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