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Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of steel products in East Africa, supplying a wide range of steel and steel roofing products to African countries. If you are looking for a supplier of concealed fix roof sheeting (Craft-Lock) in Uganda, Clotan Steel can assist. As a leading steel products manufacturer you can expect excellent service and quality steel roofing products that meet your requirements.

Our unique and patented concealed fix roofing sheeting, the Craft-Lock, is a roofing system trusted by many construction companies and builders. Talk to a professional consultant at Clotan Steel today to place an order for your concealed fix roof sheeting in Uganda.

The benefits of the Craft-Lock – concealed fix roofing system

This roof sheeting is trusted by many construction companies in Africa, offering versatile, high quality roofing system for companies and their clients. Here are a few reasons why the Craft-Lock is the best option if you are looking for concealed fix roofing systems in Uganda:

    • Price: The Carft-Lock is a cost-effective roofing option, and will easily fit into the building budget.
    • Wastage: There will be no material wastage, as the roof sheets will be supplied according to your specifications.
    • Efficient installation: Easy installation ensures quicker project completion, saving time as well as labour expenses.
    • Eco-friendly: Because steel is 100% recyclable, it is an environmentally friendly choice of roofing options.
    • Required skill: Little to no skills are required for installation of the concealed fix roofing system (Craft-Lock) and can be installed by unskilled labour.
    • Length of sheets: Virtually any lengths available if the products are profiled onsite by Clotan Steel’s professional team.
    • Durable: Steel and specifically concealed fix roof sheeting is very durable and will last for many years . Steel is resistant to warping, rotting or early deterioration.
    • Leak-free fixing: The specially designed Craft-Lock concealed fix system will ensure leak-free fixtures if assembled correctly.
    • Safety: This roofing system ensures that roof sheets cannot easily be removed by intruders to gain access, making it ideal for factories, warehouses and even shopping malls.


Clotan Steel Corrugated Roof Sheeting
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Clotan Steel C-tile Pre-painted
Clotan Steel Craftlock
Clotan Steel Bullnosing, Cranking and Curving

Contact Clotan Steel today to make use of the leading concealed fix roof sheeting supplier in Uganda for your construction project and roofing needs. Trust Clotan Steel to ensure that you get the best roofing products to meet all your requirements.

Leading supplier of steel products in Uganda – Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products, based in South Africa. Our wide range of high quality steel products are widely used in the construction industry. If you are looking for suppliers of concealed fix roof sheeting that will supply your company in Uganda, Clotan Steel is the company for you. Trust Clotan Steel for the best concealed fix roof sheeting systems in Africa – Talk to a sales consultant today.


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