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Looking for the best Corrugated roof sheeting prices around? Get quality steel roofing products at very competitive prices from Clotan Steel. Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel building supplies, including a wide range of roof sheeting products for all your steel construction and roofing project needs.

Clotan Steel is trusted by many construction companies and individuals in the construction industry in South Africa, and neighbouring African countries. Get in touch with a consultant at Clotan Steel today to get a competitive quote and prices for the Corrugated roof sheeting you need.


Competitive prices and quality Corrugated roof sheeting

Corrugated roof sheeting is definitely the most commonly used steel roofing profile in the construction industry, widely used as roof sheeting and wall cladding. This roof sheeting featured the traditional S-rib profile, which offers a number of benefits for the user:

  • • Price: Corrugated roof sheeting is a cost-effective roofing profile, and you will get quality Corrugated roof sheeting at affordable prices form Clotan Steel. Contact us for a competitive quote on the Corrugated roof sheeting you need.
  • • Installation: This roofing profile is relatively easy to install, and does not require a highly experienced or skilled construction team. The easiness of the installation procedure ensures quicker construction times, which means less labour costs and even more cost saving benefits.
  • • Quality: Steel is the preferred material for almost any construction project, due to its high strength and durability. You can expect the steel structure or steel roof to last a lifetime, making your steel structure a great long term investment. When purchasing quality steel products from Clotan Steel, you can rest assured that the roof sheeting will not warp, crack or perish for many years. It is also resistant against pests and mold.
  • • Environment: Construction companies also need to be more sensitive to the impact of construction on the environment. Steel is 100% recyclable, making it the material of choice for environmental benefits.

Enjoy the many benefits and more when relying on Clotan Steel for your Corrugated roof sheeting and other steel products. Get the best prices and best quality from Clotan Steel.

Contact Clotan Steel for competitive Corrugated roof sheeting prices

Let the leading roof sheeting supplier in South Africa supply your with quality products at very competitive prices. Clotan Steel is trusted by construction companies and individuals across the country, as we will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the steel building products you need.

Our range of roof sheeting includes Corrugated, IBR, Widespan and C-Tie roof sheeting, and we are also proud manufacturers of the Craft-Lock, a concealed fix roofing profile. No matter what you steel building product needs, Clotan Steel will supply it at a cost-effective price.

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