Gutters and Downpipes Supplier in South Africa – Clotan Steel


If you are in need of a trusted supplier of gutters and downpipes in South Africa, you can rely on Clotan Steel to assist. Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products, including a wide range of rainwater goods (gutters, downpipes and accessories) for our clients in the construction industry.

When choosing Clotan Steel as your gutters and rainwater goods supplier in South Africa, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive high quality products made to your exact specifications. Contact a consultant at Clotan Steel today for more information about our rainwater goods for your building / construction project needs.

Range of rainwater goods – gutter and downpipes

Clotan Steel manufactures a wide range of high quality flashing and rainwater goods, meeting the needs of our clients in the building / construction industry. Our flashing is available is the following specifications:

  • • Galvanised – 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.58 mm and 0.8 mm;
  • • Zincalume® and ZincAL® – 0.50 mm 0.55 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm;
  • • Colorbond® and Colorplus® – 0.53 mm and 0.55 mm;
  • • Chromadek® – 0.58 and 0.80 mm.

Our flashing products are available in 3m lengths, consisting of a comprehensive range of different designs for various applications.

Corner Flashing 460g

Corner Flashing

Internal Corner Flashing 460g

Internal Corner Flashing

Gable Flashing 460g

Gable Flashing

IBR Ridging 460g

IBR Ridging

Roll Top 460g

Roll Top

Valley Flashing 460g

Valley Flashing

Sidewall Flashing 305g

Sidewall Flashing

Headwall Flashing 305g

Headwall Flashing

Counter Flashing 150g

Counter Flashing

Broad Flute Closures

Broad Flute Closures

Narrow Flute Closures

Narrow Flute Closures

Drip Flashing 150g

Drip Flashing

Clotan Steel supplies the following flashing products:

  • • Corner Flashing 460g
  • • Internal Corner Flashing 460g
  • • Gable Flashing 460g
  • • IBR Ridgg 460g
  • • Roll Top 460g
  • • Valley Flashing 460g
  • • Sidewall Flashing 305g
  • • Headwall Flashing 305g
  • • Counter Flashing 150g
  • • Broad Flute Closures
  • • Narrow Flute Closures
  • • Drip Flashing 150g
  • • Drip Flashing 150g


Our rainwater goods include a number of gutters and downpipes:

Clotan Steel will manufacture your rainwater goods (gutters and down pipes) according to our requirements. Together with our technical team with years of experience in the roofing business, we are able to supply our clients with a professional roofing solutions, ensuring they get the products they need.
Clotan Steel takes a number of factors into account when supplying clients with roofing material, such as the slope and angle of the roof, the aesthetics of the building, drainage requirements and the number of downpipes required. Our gutters and downpipes come in standard 3m lengths, but can also be supplied according to your specifications.

Contact Clotan Steel for more information about our steel products

Should you need more information about any of our steel products, or would like to talk to a consultant to order your gutters and down pipes, contact Clotan Steel today. A friendly and professional consultant will advise you on your best options, to ensure your roofing project is completed successfully with suitable and high quality steel products. See our wide range of flashing and rainwater goods on our website.