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If you are looking for suppliers of IBR roof sheeting, Clotan Steel can assist. Clotan Steel is a leading steel building material manufacturer in South Africa, supplying a wide range of steel building products that meet our clients’ needs. Let the leading steel product manufacturer supply you with quality IBR roof sheeting that meets your specifications and requirements.

Clotan Steel have built an outstanding reputation amongst construction companies and individuals in the construction industry as a reliable and professional steel building product supplier. Whatever your steel construction needs, Clotan Steel will provide you with all the advice and steel products you need. Speak to a consultant at the top IBR roof sheeting suppliers in South Africa today to order your roof sheeting.


What is IBR roof sheeting?

Inverted Box Rib, or more commonly known as IBR roof sheeting, is a popular roofing profile that is commonly used in various industries and construction applications. This square fluted roof sheet profile offers an effective covering width of 686mm, and is specifically designed for use as side cladding and roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. IBR roof sheeting is a common household name in the construction industry, and is a preferred steel sheet profile due to its strength, durability and versatility.

IBR roof sheeting from Clotan Steel is available in various specifications and finishes, such as the popular Chromadek®, Colorbond® and Colorplus® options. Speak to a consultant about the various thicknesses and material quality, coating and available paint systems to find the best solution for your construction project needs. Get in touch with the trusted IBR roof sheeting suppliers today for assistance with your order.

The installation of IBR roof sheeting

Not only is Clotan Steel a leading IBR roof sheeting supplier, but will offer professional advice regarding the installation of your IBR sheets, to ensure longevity in the construction application. Clotan Steel also offers a IBR roof sheeting installation service, should you prefer that the professionals take care of the job.

The amount of IBR roof sheets required in the roofing project can be calculated as: Number of sheets = Length of building + gable end overhangs – 70 mm. A professional consultant at Clotan Steel will assist if you are unsure regarding the number of sheets required for your project.


Contact Clotan Steel today – Leading IBR roof sheeting suppliers

Get in touch with the preferred IBR roof sheeting suppliers in South Africa today. Clotan Steel have gained years of experience in the manufacturing, supply and installation of IBR roof sheeting, and will offer a professional service combined with top quality roof sheeting products that meet the industry standards. You can also expect competitive prices when making use of Clotan Steel as your IBR roof sheeting supplier. Get the steel roof sheeting, services and advice you need to complete your construction project from Clotan Steel today. Contact us to speak to a professional consultant about your IBR roof sheeting needs.

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