Industrial PV System Installations by Clotan Steel

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The rising cost of electricity puts more financial stress on businesses each year. Both small businesses and large industrial companies are squeezed to pay more as the price of conventional electricity increases, which is unhealthy for any business.

More and more businesses in the industrial environment are searching for cheaper alternative energy sources, in order to save on operation costs, increase productivity and become energy independent. Clotan Steel will provide the perfect solution for your industrial PV system installation. Contact the leading steel building and solar supplier in South Africa today for assistance with your industrial PV system installation.

Why solar energy is the way to go

There are a number of benefits to enjoy when installing a solar system in an industrial environment or business. The points below explain why solar energy is ideal for industrial application and business use:

  • • Reduce energy consumption and electricity bills: The number one reason for installing an industrial PV system is to reduce the company’s operating costs in terms of electricity usage. Solar power enables the company to limit the use of conventional energy, and replace it with a no-cost energy solution.
  • • Reliable energy source: Power outages are a common occurrence in South Africa, which greatly affects business performance. Back-up energy sources such as generators use expensive resources to fuel the machine, leading to unforeseen energy costs. By using solar power the company will become more independent from conventional energy sources, and won’t be affected by power outages.
  • • Cost-effective solution and long term investment: Although initial installation of the industrial PV system is costly, the company will save on electricity costs in the long run. This makes solar power a great long term investment for industrial companies and businesses.
  • • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint: A PV system uses energy from the sun, meaning it does not use the earth’s natural resources which can be depleted. If a company is dependent on solar energy, it also decreases the company’s carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly option when it comes to alternative energy solutions.
  • • Ideal for remote locations: Connection to a utility company when based in a remote location is a costly, timely and labour intensive project. Industrial PV systems are ideal for businesses in remote areas where access to grid-fed electricity is absent.



Let Clotan Steel install your industrial PV system

Clotan Steel is a leading service provider when it comes to steel building supplies and industrial PV system installations. Considering all the benefits of solar energy solutions, a PV system is ideal for any industrial business or environment. Contact Clotan Steel today to speak to a professional consultant about your industrial PV system installation.


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