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Light weight steel frames

Modular construction involves a building / construction method that makes use of pre-fabricated units or panels, manufactured in a factory and then transported to site for assembly. Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of pre-fabricated steel panels for modular construction in South Africa.

If you are seeking pre-fabricated panels for modular construction, contact Clotan Steel today. We will supply all the steel products you require for your modular building, manufacturing and supplying the products according to your specifications. Contact Clotan Steel today about your modular construction supply needs.

Modular construction – Building and application

Modular construction requires the building to be fabricated off-site. Clotan Steel thus manufactures complete modular buildings in various panels, ready to be assembled and erected onsite once delivered. Modular construction is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, and this alternative building method is being used for a number of applications like schools, hospitals, low cost housing, offices and more. The reasons for choosing modular construction in South Africa includes:

  • Time-efficient: Modular construction is a quick and easy building method. The modules or panels are easily assembled, and will shorten the construction period when compared to brick and mortar building methods. Modular construction is also not dependent on the weather, meaning that there will be very little delays due to weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective: The fact that the construction times are drastically decreased, this also lowers the construction costs, as less time, means less labour costs. The material used is also very reasonably priced, making modular construction a very cost-effective building method in South Africa.
  • Versatility: Modular buildings can be erected almost anywhere, and can be used for a number of different purposes from housing to industrial use. This makes modular buildings very versatile, and a top choice as an alternative building method.
  • Quality: As the modules are fabricated off-site by a steel products manufacturer like Clotan Steel, the products will be manufactured under stringent quality and control measures to ensure a continuous level of quality across the complete modular building.


Clotan STeel – Your modular construction supplier in South Africa

Clotan Steel has built strong relationships with building companies throughout South Africa, supplying many clients with modular construction supplies that meet their requirements. Trust Clotan Steel to supply you with top quality steel products and professional levels of service and support. Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about modular construction in South Africa, and how we can assist – leading supplier of steel products for modular construction in South Africa.

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