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If you need assistance from a pre-engineered building contractor for your building supply needs, Clotan Steel is the company for you. Clotan Steel is a renowned steel products manufacturer, fabricating a wide range of steel products used in the building / construction industry.

Pre-engineered building approaches are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as an alternative building method, because it offers building contractors a fast and efficient building option. Contact Clotan Steel today to talk to the leading pre-engineered building contractors for your building supply needs. We manufacture a wide range of steel products for your building needs, including roofing products, light steel frames and lipped channel to name but a few. View our complete range of steel products, or talk to a consultant for assistance.

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Leading pre-engineered building contractors to assist with your steel building supplies

Pre-engineered building methods offer a very beneficial building method to contractors in the construction industry, as well as their clients. Pre-engineered buildings require the use of light steel frames for building. Steel is an excellent choice of building material, offering the following benefits:

  • • Strength: The steel building products and frames used for pre-engineered building are custom designed to be lighter in weight and also high in strength (steel offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio for building application).
  • • Cost-effective: Steel from pre-engineered building contractors like Clotan Steel is also very economical in cost, offering construction companies a cost-effective building method without skimping on quality.
  • • Quality: The light steel frames and steel modules are fabricated in our factory, ensuring factory controlled quality, durable steel products for your building needs.
  • • Environmentally friendly: Another benefit is that steel is much friendlier to the environment than other building methods, containing very high recycling factor.
  • • Flexibility in expansion: The fact that steel is so flexible makes it ideal for application in buildings, making the building more resistant to the forces of nature such as winds, storms and earthquakes.


Steel is ideal for use in pre-engineered buildings, especially if acquired from trusted contractors. Clotan Steel will provide you with steel products that are made to your exact specifications and requirements, ensuring durable and accurate building results with very little material wastage.

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Clotan Steel will offer you high quality steel products for your prefabricated building needs at very competitive prices. Talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today for more information about our steel products for your pre-engineered building needs, and our team will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

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