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Clotan Steel is a leading steel product manufacturing company based in South Africa, supplying a comprehensive range of roof drainage systems and accessories to many clients in the building and roofing industry.

The purpose of roof drainage systems is to protect buildings / structures from wet weather conditions. Excessive water can cause damage to the structure by seeping through walls and foundation. Effective roof drainage systems will divert the excess water away from the structure, preventing exposure to excessive water.

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Clotan Steel corrugated sheeting

About roof drainage systems from Clotan Steel – Steel product manufacturer

Rainwater goods from Clotan Steel are manufactured from galvanised or pre-painted steel material namely Zincalume®, ZincAL®, Colorbond®, Colorplus® and Chromadek®.

Clotan Steel manufactures a wide range of flashing as part of our weather protection systems, which will help to direct water flow away from the interior of the building.

The benefits of steel flashing and roof drainage systems is that galvanised steel is cost-effective, and is considered strong and durable. In addition to the material, there are many factors to consider when it comes to installing roof drainage systems (flashing, gutters and downpipes). The slope of the roof will affect the flow of water, and ultimately the drainage required. Another factor is the roof surface and build op of water – insufficient drains can result in leaking of water into the structure.

Should areas of the roof be exposed to water for long period, the following problems can occur:

• Seams that are not sufficiently sealed will leak easily
• Some material used (such as tar for flashing) can deteriorate over time, causing leaking roofs
• Ponds of water can become a breeding place for mosquitoes (even on the roof)

Let Clotan Steel assist you to obtain the best and effective roof drainage system for your structure or building.

Clotan Steel Corrugated Roof Sheeting
Clotan Steel Corrugated Roof Sheeting Pre-painted Options
Clotan Steel C-tile

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If you require more information about any of our roof drainage systems or other steel products, or would like to talk place an order for flashing and rainwater goods, contact Clotan Steel today. Our experienced team will advise you on the best products for your needs, to ensure your roofing drainage system is completed roof drainage systems on our website.

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