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Clotan Steel is a manufacturer of top quality solar structures, used for the mounting of solar panels. Solar energy is becoming more utilised by the day, due to the reliability and many other benefits it offers the user.

Clotan Steel is a leading steel products manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing solar structures as part of our steel products portfolio. Clotan Steel will offer you a durable option for your solar panel mounting and solar energy fixing needs. Talk to a friendly consultant about your solar panel fixing and solar structure needs.

About solar energy and solar structures from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel is a solar energy products supplier, offering clients durable and high quality solar energy solutions to fit their needs. As a steel products supplier, we are able to manufacture our own range of solar structures for the mounting of solar panels. Our solar structures for mounting include the following qualities and benefits:

Solar Profiles
    • Reliability: Our solar structures are manufactured via stringent quality and control measures, to ensure that we offer strong and durable structures to our clients. This makes Clotan Steels solar structures the reliable choice of products for your solar fixing needs.

  • Industrial application: Clotan Steel is able to manufacture solar structures for industrial applications, and can be supplied in large scale to provide strong and sufficient structures for industrial solar energy supply.

S5 and RTP Mini-Clamp – Solar System accessories from Clotan Steel

rtp 5s mini clamp
rtp S5 mini clamp
S5 solar fixing clamp

Solar System Fixing and the Craft-Lock® profile from Clotan Steel

The Craft-Lock® is a patented roof sheet profile manufactured by Clotan Steel, which is uniquely characterised by its concealed fixed, hidden fastening features. This specific roofing profile offers an ideal base / solar structure for the fixing of PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels. The solar modules can be attached to the roof profile panels by means of the specially-developed RTP S5 Mini clamp, manufactured by Clotan Steel.

Together with our partners in the photovoltaic / solar panel manufacturing business, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional solar structures and solutions to fit their needs.

Contact Clotan Steel today for solar structures that fit your needs

If you are in need of solar energy for industrial or residential applications, talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today. We will supply you with a reliable solution that also fits your budget. Solar power is becoming very popular amongst home owners and companies, as it offers a reliable source of energy to the user. Solar power is also environmentally friendly, and can save you on you electricity bill in the long run.

Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about our solar structures and fixing systems, and to get a quote for your solar energy needs.

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