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With both environmental and technological resources under increasing pressure, the pursuit of sustainable sources of renewable energy have become a decisive aspect of everyday life in both households and industry alike.  Worldwide, a fundamental reorientation in energy provision is currently underway – and PV (photo voltaic) systems represent the base technology for this reorientation. Talk to our Sales Consultant about pricing options on complete solar solutions or solar fixing systems.

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The perfect symbiosis….made possible with the new Craft-Lock® Clamp

Precisely because of its constructional design, the Craft-Lock® roof profile offers an optimal basis for the installation of PV systems. The modules can be attached to the profile panels by means of specially-developed Craft-Lock® clamps. As a result, no holes are drilled in the material and thus no drilling chips are left behind on the roof shell which would accelerate corrosion and cause leaks – a significant advantage over most normal roof profiles. An extremely rational installation is thus made possible. Adding to this concept, it is furthermore possible to attach a rail system to the Craft-Lock® clamps.

The Craft-Lock® clamp provides a cost effective solution for mounting solar structures and general hardware onto Craft-Lock® Roof Sheeting. For solar installations, the Craft-Lock® clamp is designed to suit both purlin and purlinless installations. The Craft-Lock® clamp, clamps to the roof sheet using an M10 caphead which locks it to the other side of the roof sheet. TheCraft-Lock® clamp can be ordered for three different mounting configurations.

1. M6 for purlinless installations.

2. M8 for trunking and equipment installations.

3. Dual M8 for the PiA top Hat Purlin installations.

The clamp is designed to specifically protect the roof against crevice corrosion. Also, remember that galvanised clamps are the only long term solutions for your roof and recommended by SAMCRA (South African Metal cladding and Roof Association).


 Planning and precision –   no delays to your project

Solar Profiles


On the basis of the close collaboration with our partners in the domain of PV system construction and the outstanding suitability for use of our profiles, we can guarantee both optimal planning and prompt mounting of the systems – the perfect solution for our customers. The finishing touches on the roof (in this case the roof capping) can often be carried out at the same time as the start of installation of the PV system and in parallel.

Holding force of the Craft-Lock® Clamp

The holding force of the Craft-Lock® clamp has been tested on the Craft-Lock® original profile. This has reaffirmed that the clamp has a holding force which is unrivaled on the market.  

Mounting Specifications
Pull off certified to 150 kg per clamp
Craft-Lock clamp torque for M10 = 3 Nm
Coating: HDG 55μm
Material: ISQ230 3mm thick material



When planning metal roofs, not only the load from wind and snow, but also the use to which it being put at the time must be taken into consideration. Instead, reserves able to absorb greater loads stemming from a later or an expanded use of the roof, such as photo voltaics, for example, should be planned for.

When in doubt, a stress analyst should be called in to determine the load and how it is to be absorbed.

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