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Light weight steel frames
We can supply all the light steel frame roof trusses, walls, panels and floors needed for your building project. Discuss your individual needs with one of our sales consultants. We offer a on-site production service.

Clotan Steel is a privately owned manufacturer of steel products, and is a leading steel supplier in South Africa. With over 30 years of experience in the steel product manufacturing industry, you can rest assured that you will receive quality steel products manufactured by a company with the necessary knowledge and expertise to fit all your requirements. Clotan Steel manufactures and distributes steel frames, roofing and lipped channel across South Africa, and neighbouring African countries.
What makes Clotan Steel the steel supplier of choice in South Africa, is the fact that our clients always come first. Ethical business practices and environmental responsibility are two values of high importance within the business and employees.

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Clotan Steel Products – Steel Supplier South Africa

At Clotan Steel we are proud of the range of steel product that we supply. Boasting a wide variety of the best quality steel products makes it easy to see why Clotan Steel are a leading steel supplier in South Africa.

Clotan Steel’s product range includes:

Light steel frames / pre-engineered steel buildings – Clotan Steel will provide you with all the light steel frames such as roof trusses, walls, panels and floors required for your building project.

IBR Roof Sheeting – IBR (Inverted Box Rib) Roof Sheeting entails a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686 mm, designed for use as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Corrugated Roof Sheeting – Corrugated (Traditional S-rib) Roof Sheeting familiar used profile for roofing and cladding applications. This roof sheeting is commonly used, due to its strength, durability as well as easy handling and fixing properties.

Widespan roof sheeting – Widespan roof sheeting offers an economical alternative to deeper box ribbed profiles, featuring greater spans and lower roof slopes than corrugated sheeting, but covers the same width.

C-tile – Steel tile roof sheeting are available in a range of materials and different dimension, featuring Chromadek®/ Colorplus® finish on one side and protective primer coating on the reverse side fixed to (timber/steel) purlins or rails with a spacing.

Craft Lock – concealed fix roof sheeting – In addition to being a top steel supplier in South Africa, Clotan Steel are also proud manufacturers of the Craft Lock roof sheeting, featuring a concealed fix. This promotes the benefits of eliminating potential leakage problems and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the roofing.

For a complete list of products supplied by Clotan Steel, leading steel supplier in South Africa, browse through our website for more information and images.

Steel building requirements – Clotan Steel will supply quality steel products

Contact Clotan Steel for all your steel requirements for your building projects today. In addition to top quality steel products, Clotan Steel will also supply you with a variety of services you may require regarding your steel building project, as well as give advice as required.

Why make use of Clotan Steel, steel supplier in South Africa

If you’re in need of steel suppliers in South Africa, make use of Clotan Steel for the following benefits:

  • • Clotan Steel is a reputable choice of steel suppliers in South Africa, having supplied many blue-chip companies with high quality steel products and excellent services. We have an outstanding reputation amongst companies in South Africa, as well as other African countries that we distribute steel products to. Clotan Steel boasts high levels of satisfaction amongst our clients.
  • • When purchasing steel products from this steel suppliers in South Africa, you will not only receive excellent customer service, but high quality steel products.
  • • As a well-rounded steel supplier, we offer a wide range of steel products for various construction needs. You will find the most suitable steel products for your application from Clotan Steel.


Light steel frames from Clotan Steel for building / construction

As trusted steel suppliers in South Africa, Clotan Steel supplies high quality light steel frames for various construction needs. Light steel frames are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits this product offers the builders as well as their clients. Find out why light steel frames from steel suppliers in South Africa for construction would be best for your building requirements.

  • • Light steel frames from a trusted steel supplier offers a more cost-effective building alternative as opposed to regular building methods.
  • • Construction time of light steel frames is less than that of timber, resulting in cost-saving regarding labour.
  • • Light steel frames for buildings offers a professional finish with straight walls and accurate corners.
  • • Benefits for your clients would include that light steel frames from Clotan Steel, steel suppliers in South Africa, will not aid in the spread of fire, and is resistant to termites, bug and mould.


Trust Clotan Steel – Steel products supplier in South Africa

If you require steel products for your construction and building needs, make use of Clotan Steel’s high quality range of steel products and supporting services. Contact Clotan Steel today for the following steel products and services:

  • • Light steel frames
  • • Pre-painted steel products
  • • Roofing material, supplies and services (IBR, corrugated, widespan and C-tile roof sheeting)
  • • Lipped channel
  • • Slitting
  • • Bullnosing, cranking and curving
  • • Flashing and rainwater goods
  • • Solar systems

Steel product manufacturers


When it comes to steel product manufacturers in South Africa, you can rely on Clotan Steel to supply you with high quality manufactured steel products. Years of experience and specialised processes enables us to supply our clients with the best steel products to fit their needs. If you’re in need of a steel suppliers in South Africa for the following product, contact Clotan Steel today – light steel frames, steel roof sheeting, pre-painted steel products and more. We also provide services such as bullnosing, cranking and more. We have been in operation since 1983, giving us over 30 years of experience in manufacturing steel products.

Roofing products


Contact Clotan Steel to assist with all the roofing material you will require for your roofing or building project. We supply a full range of steel roof sheeting and services, making us the perfect choice of steel suppliers in South Africa to assist with all your roofing supplies. Our wide range of roof sheeting includes corrugated roof sheeting, IBR roof sheeting, Widespan roof sheeting and the C-Tile roof sheeting – all manufactured according to the highest industry standards and quality measures. We also offer roofing accessories in order for you to fully complete your roofing project, including flashing and rainwater goods.

Leading steel products supplier in Africa

Based in South Africa, Clotan Steel also distributes steel products to other African countries, making us a leading choice of steel suppliers in Africa. We have assisted companies in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, Angola, DRC, the Ivory Coast and many more. If you are looking for a steel supplier in South Africa or the rest of Africa that offers high quality steel products and excellent customer service, contact Clotan Steel today. Browse through our range of steel products on our website to find the products you will require for your construction or building project. Trust the leading steel suppliers in South Africa.

Light steel frame houses – steel suppliers

Light steel frames are very popular amongst construction and building companies, due to the many benefits it offers the company. We supply high quality light steel frames for houses and buildings, manufactured from high quality steel material. Light steel frames offer many benefits for our clients including decreased building times, precision building, durability, affordability and more. It is clear why light steel frames are becoming the preferred choice for buildings in South Africa. If you are in need of a steel supplier in South Africa that offers top quality light steel frames, contact Clotan Steel today. Talk to a professional consultant who will advise you on your best options when purchasing light steel frames for construction.

Trust Clotan Steel, steel product suppliers in South Africa, for the best steel products and services for your building and construction projects.

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