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Clotan Steel is a trusted steel roofing supplier, manufacturing a wide range of roof sheeting products, including Widespan roof sheeting. If you are looking for a reputable Widespan roof sheeting supplier in South Africa or neighbouring African countries, Clotan Steel is the supplier for you.

Trust the professional team from Clotan Steel to supply you with the steel roofing products you need. Speak to a consultant at this Widespan roof sheeting supplier today for quality steel products that meet your requirements. Clotan Steel is a trusted name in the steel building industry – contact us today to discuss your roof sheeting needs.

About Widespan roof sheeting

If you are looking for the most economic roof sheeting option for your roofing project, Widespan roof sheeting is the roofing profile for you. Widespan roof sheeting is an efficiently shaped roofing profile, designed for optimal cost-saving benefits. This roofing profile features lower roof slopes than corrugated roof sheeting, and wider spans than IBR roof sheeting, allowing for a cost- effective. Clotan Steel is a trusted Widespan roof sheeting supplier, providing Widespan roof sheeting is a wide range of materials displaying different structural properties. Widespan sheeting is available in standard lengths of 1.5 to 15m, although lengths of up to 20 metres are available on request. When it comes to purlin spacing, it is advised that a professional engineer does the calculations, to ensure the structure meets the required standards. Read more about the specifications of Widespan roof sheeting from Clotan Steel.

Reasons to trust Clotan Steel for your roofing project supplies

Clotan Steel have been in the business of manufacturing steel building products for many years, and have perfected or steel roof sheeting manufacturing and supply processes. Here are a few reasons why you can trust Clotan Steel, your leading Widespan roof sheeting supplier:

  • • Quality guaranteed: Our Widespan and other steel roof sheeting is manufactured in our factory, under stringent quality control measures. You can thus expect consistent quality, and steel roof sheeting that meets the highest standards in terms of strength and durability.
  • • Professional and efficient service: Our team will supply the Widespan roof sheeting according to your specifications, and provide you with a timely and professional service.
  • • Cost-effective prices: Get cost-effective prices on steel building supplies from Clotan Steel. We keep our prices competitive, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the pricing.


Contact the trusted Widespan roof sheeting supplier today

Get all the roof sheeting you need from the leading steel building supplier in South Africa. Browse through steel products available, or simply contact us to order the Widespan roof sheeting you need. Our full range of steel building products include:

  • • Slitting
  • • Lipped Channel
  • • IBR Roof Sheeting
  • • Corrugated Sheeting
  • • Widespan Sheeting
  • • C-Tile (Steel Tile Sheeting)
  • • Concealed Fix Roof Sheeting (Craft Lock)
  • • Bullnosing, Cranking & Curving
  • • Flashings & Rainwater Goods
  • • Pre-Painted Steel
  • • Solar systems

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