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Need industrial solar power systems? Industrial environments and production companies often find it difficult to find a financially feasible and reliable source of energy for their vast needs.

PEMB in Construction (Only available in South Africa)

A reliable source of energy / power is essential for production purposes as the operation process depends on in! Interruption in the energy supply can lead to extreme cost and production implications.

Clotan Steel is an industrial solar systems supplier in South Africa (and other African countries), and will offer you a suitable solution to your industrial solar power needs. If you are considering industrial solar power systems, contact the leaders in the industry today for an affordable quote.

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Making use of industrial solar power systems for energy hold many benefits for the company, including:

  • Reliable energy source: Industrial solar power systems is a very reliable source of energy, which is essential in the light of today’s conventional energy situation. State-of-the-art solar panels from Clotan Steel.
  • Convenient: Solar panels are usually installed on the roofs of buildings, ensuring they get optimal energy from the sun, and that they do not take up any space. Energy will be stored conveniently for you to use as your industrial company requires.
  • Cost saving and low maintenance: Installing industrial solar power systems will have an initial setup and installation cost, which will depend on your solar power system needs, and that is it. Solar systems are low maintenance and have a long life span if you are following the best practices guidelines. This will ensure that you do not have continuous costs to keep your industrial solar power systems running efficiently, but rather a cost effective and reliable source of energy for your production needs.
    As industrial companies also need to take the natural environment into account, industrial solar power systems is the perfect alternative to conventional electricity. It is 100% environmentally friendly with zero emissions and no contribution to the depletion of the earth’s natural resources such as coal.

S5 and RTP Mini-Clamp – Solar System accessories from Clotan Steel

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If you are looking for the best industrial solar power systems in South Africa or other African country for your production company needs, talk to a professional and experienced sales consultant at Clotan Steel today. Find out more about our solar power systems available on our website, or contact us today for assistance. We work in close collaboration with reputable industrial solar power system manufacturers, ensuring our clients get excellent installation services, professional results, as well as the needed post installation support.

In addition to being a solar power system supplier, Clotan Steel is also a leading steel products suppliers in Africa, manufacturing a wide range of steel products for various needs and applications.

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