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Light steel frame building methods are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, due to the many benefits it offers the builder as well as the builder’s client. This alternative building method requires steel frames for building and construction projects, instead of timber or other material.

If you need a steel products supplier for your light steel frame building in Gauteng, trust Clotan Steel to assist. Clotan Steel manufactures and distributes light steel frames for building purposes, and will supply the product according to your specific requirements and specifications. Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about our light steel frame building products in Gauteng.

The benefits of light steel frame building – Gauteng

Light steel frame building methods hold many benefits for the user and the home / building owner, which includes:

  • • Efficiency: When it comes to accuracy, light steel frame building methods offer highly accurate building, sharp corners and straight lines. Light steel frame building in Gauteng will ensure a professional finish. Building time also decreases due to the light weight products. There is also minimal wastage when opting for light steel frame building methods in Gauteng, as the light steel frames will be supplied according to your specifications and needs.
  • • Price: Light steel frame building supplies are very competitively priced when compared to other building methods. This will lower the building cost for the construction company, without losing on quality work. For more information about pricing on light steel frame building in Gauteng, contact Clotan Steel today to speak to a professional consultant.
  • • Durability: Light steel frame building methods area very durable, as steel will not warp, crack or deform over time. The light steel frames are also resistant to fires, fungus and termites. Light steel frames will also not aid in the spread of a fire, which is highly beneficial for home owners. Contact Clotan Steel for more information about light steel frame building in Gauteng.

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Clotan steel is a leading supplier of light steel frame building supplies in Gauteng, and will supply you with high quality light steel frames for your building project in Gauteng. Clotan steel manufactures and distributes steel products, including light steel frames for building and construction in Gauteng. This includes all the light steel frame roof trusses, walls, panels and floors needed for your building project.

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