Light Steel Frames

Light Steel Frames

Roof Trusses, Walls, Panels and Floors

We can supply all the light steel frame roof trusses, walls, panels and floors needed for your building project. Discuss your individual needs with one of our sales consultants. We offer a on-site production service.

Why steel?

Protecting the value and life of the buildings you construct is an important responsibility that is critical to protecting your reputation. Few elements in the construction process are as important as the structure of the building. More and more, trusses and framing are considered to be critical to ensuring the security, value and service life of a building. Light gauge steel is fast becoming a preferred alternative to the traditional building materials such as bricks, mortar and timber in the construction industry, not only because of its superior properties, but also because it is cheaper.

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Steel is stronger

Not only does steel have the highest strength-to-weight ratio, but its quality is more consistent. This is of particular importance in roof construction where warping, rotting, splitting and cracking or any pests associated with timber are significant factors.

Steel is safer
  • * It is non-combustible.
  • * Steel structures, by their very method of construction, are more resistant to the forces of nature such as winds, storms and earthquakes.
  • * Its greater strength makes for generally safer structures, that are less subject to ageing and requiring less maintenance.
  • * One year workmanship warranty by Clotan Steel.


Steel is more affordable
  • * The uniform dimensions of steel not only make for straighter lines, square corners and neater finishing, but also for shorter snag lists!
  • * The hidden costs resulting from inferior workmanship due to the shortage of trained artisans are all but eliminated.
  • * Erection is simpler and much faster, resulting in considerable savings in labour and financing costs.
  • * There is almost no scrap and waste, because steel can be delivered in exactly the required dimensions. This also makes for lower cleaning    up costs on completion of the building.
  • * Steel has a very high recycling factor.

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