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If you are looking for suppliers of lipped channels in Gauteng, let the leading steel building product manufacturers assist. Clotan Steel is a trusted manufacturer of steel products in South Africa, supplying quality cold formed lipped channel sections and purlins for our clients in the construction business.

PEMB in Construction (Only available in South Africa)

Clotan Steel is a renowned manufacturer of steel products in South Africa, and have built strong relationships with our clients in the building industry over the years. Let Clotan Steel supply you with all the lipped channel and purlins you need for your construction project. You can expect products that meet your specifications, timely service and excellent customer service when trusting Clotan Steel as your lipped channel supplier in Gauteng.

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Benefits offered when trusting Clotan Steel for your lipped channel and purlins

Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of lipped channel and purlins in Gauteng, and offers the following benefits to clients in the construction industry:

  • Flexible service: Clotan Steel offers a flexible service and is able t provide short lead times due to our quick setup facilities on our equipment.
  • Consistency: Length variances are eliminated by our precision cut to length service that is completed at high speed.
  • No unwanted burs: The fact that Clotan Steel cuts the material to length before the profile is formed, eliminates unwanted burs on the ends of the sections.
  • No twist, camber and straightness problems: Twist, camber and straightness problems will be eliminated by Clotan Steel’s unique “camber corrector”, that guarantees tight dimensional tolerances.
  • Choose your finish: A variety of finishes are available, including Z275 Pre-Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Magnesium Zinc or plain black steel.
  • In-line punching: Clotan Steel can perform in-line punching according to the customer’s specifications, subject to dimensional limitations.

Contact the leading lipped channel suppliers in Gauteng for quality lipped channels and purlins supplied to your specifications. See the specifications and design guidelines on our website, as well as additional services provided by Clotan Steel.

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    Contact Clotan Steel today for lipped channels and purlins in Gauteng

    Let the leading steel product manufacturer in South Africa provide you with quality lipped channel and purlins in Gauteng. You will also find a range of other quality steel products to complete your building project at Clotan Steel. Contact Clotan Steel today for all your building supply needs.

    Clotan Steel manufactures the following steel products:

    • Roofing material
    • Concealed fix roofing profiles
    • Roofing accessories
    • Pre-painted steel products
    • Solar system solutions
    • Slitting, bullnosing, cranking and curving services

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