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Clotan Steel supplies modular buildings in South Africa no a number of high key clients. Modular buildings or prefabricated buildings offer a quick building solution to contractors. Modular buildings South Africa consist of a number of different sections called modules. These modules are usually constructed off-site, and erected on-site with cranes and joined together to complete the building.

PEMB in Construction (Only available in South Africa)

Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of modular buildings South Africa, offering the best quality prefabricated buildings solutions to clients across Africa. We have been manufacturing steel products for over 30 years, making use the experienced choice of modular building / prefabricated building manufacturers in South Africa.

The benefits of modular buildings / prefabricated buildings in South Africa

There are many benefits and reasons why one would choose modular building solutions as opposed to brick and mortar building methods.

  • Quick building solution: Modular buildings South Africa offer a quick building solution, perfect for building projects with a limited time frame.
  • Prefabricated buildings can be constructed off-site, meaning that the construction site is easier managed, and even safer.
  • The quality and consistency that modular buildings South Africa offer are also benefits of this building method. Modular buildings need to meet the same building regulations as traditional building methods. This means that you get the same quality, and durability with modular buildings.
  • Modular buildings in South Africa are also a very affordable choice when it comes to building methods.
  • The versatility of modular buildings is also another reason why it is becoming such a popular choice of building methods in South Africa, as it can be used in a number of different environments

With so many benefits of modular building South Africa, it is clear why this method of construction is becoming the preferred choice amongst builders and clients alike. Finding a reputable supplier of modular buildings is key to a successful prefabricated building project. Trust Clotan Steel, leading steel products manufacturer, to supply you with the best modular building South Africa.

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Clotan Steel has built strong relationships with construction companies nationwide, supplying many clients with modular buildings in South Africa. When working with Clotan Steel, you are ensured of top quality products and professional services and support. Contact Clotan Steel today to find out more about our modular buildings in South Africa – leading steel products supplier.

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