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For Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, contact Clotan Building Systems. Modular construction is still considered a relatively new concept of building methods in South Africa, and is increasing in popularity due to the many advantages it offers.

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This versatile building method is widely used in a number of different building applications, helping individuals to achieve building designs that also meet their needs. Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products in South Africa, also manufacturing steel modules for modular building methods. Clotan Steel will supply you with high quality steel products to complete your modular construction project in South Africa, meeting your specifications and requirements. Talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today for more information and a quote to deliver your steel modules for your modular construction needs.

Why modular construction is the way of the future

Modular construction is known for its versatility, easy construction and affordability when compared to other building methods. More South Africans are opting for modular construction methods, because of the following benefits thereof:

  • Easy construction: Modular buildings are very easy to assemble, and the project can be completed through semi-skilled labour easily. The modules are factory-produced pre-engineered building units, which are then transported to the building site for construction.
  • Decrease in building time: The easy assembling features of modular construction serves for faster construction times. Modular building is also not dependant on the weather condition, allowing the project to be completed within the required timeframe as there will be no weather delays.
  • Versatility: Modular construction is a very versatile building method, used in a number of different applications. Modular construction can be used in permanent and temporary building applications, providing clients with quality and durable buildings for their needs. This includes use for housing, offices and school classrooms to name a few.
  • Lower building costs: Faster construction times automatically mean lower building costs, at the labour costs will decrease. The modular building material is also cost-effective, using light steel frames for construction of the modules.

It is easy to see why modular construction is becoming a preferred method of building when looking at all the advantages of this modern construction method. Talk to Clotan Steel about our light steel frame products to assist with your modular construction project.

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If you need a supplier for your modular building needs, contact Clotan Steel today. Clotan Steel is a leading steel product manufacturer in South Africa, manufacturing a wide range of steel products for various building and construction needs. Browse through our range of steel products, or contact us about our modular building supplies.

For Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, contact Clotan Building Systems.

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