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C-Tile Steel Tile Roof Sheeting

Structural Guidelines

C-Tile steel roof sheets are available in a wide range of materials displaying various structural properties.

Available Dimensions

C-Tile sheets are available in lengths up to 8m on request.

Roof Pitch

When using C-Tile, the recommended minimum pitch is 17.0°.

Installation Procedure

The required number of C-Tile sheets can be calculated as follows:

  • Number of sheets = Length of building / 1.040mm (Cover width of sheet)

Clotan Steel C-Tile steel roof sheeting and accessories with (Chromadek®/ ColorPlus®) finish on one side and protective primer coating on the reverse side fixed to (timber/steel) purlins or rails with a spacing. (different pre-painted colour options)

All sheeting is to be clearly marked on the reversed side at one-meter intervals, indicating thickness, material quality, coating thickness and paint system.

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