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February 3, 2020
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August 29, 2019

Reehfalz- The Classical Standing Seam Profile

Reehfalz combines the characteristics of a unique aesthetically standing seam profile with the advantages of a concealed fixed option. The Reehfalz profile is suitable for roof coverings, especially for residential estates of any size and it makes for attractive and functional façade cladding.

Due to its steady appearance this profile unfolds an impressive look with an elegant appearance that represents flat, calm aesthetics.

Elegant Appearance

The low fluting and elegant seam finish design gives this profile a very elegant cover appearance to a modern seamless profile. The Indirect attachment also contributes to the overall picture, in which damage to the material is avoided.

The elegant way of roofing and its possibilities

Concealed Cleats

Reehfalz uses specially designed cleats that attach the profile to the substructure of the roof. Reehfalz concealed fixed system secures the sheet to the roof without penetration or damage to the sheet itself. This has the benefit of longer lasting steel sheeting, improved aesthetics and a more structurally sound roof.

The indirect attachment of the sheet has several decisive advantages:

  • No penetration and damage to the sheet, resulting in loner life spans
  • Thermal expansion and contraction of the material is possible
  • The roof system is more secure to unauthorized entry as no fasteners are visible to loose and again entry to the structure
  • No fixings visible to the naked eye, resulting in improved aesthetics

Specification on Reehfalz

Clotan Steel Reehfalz 460 sheeting in (Chromadek®, Colorbond®, ColorPlus®), in (colour), fixed to timber/steel purlins.

The Ideal Seamless Roof for PV Systems

The Perfect Symbiosis With The New Reehfalz S5-Clamp

S5 clamp with PV kit for direct attachment

In the case of PV attachments with the innovative S5 clamp, the PV modules are laid down directly on the module breaker plate and attached with the module clamp.


Clotan Steel provides specialised clips for fastening PV Sytems on rooftops.

Rail attachment

With this rail attachment, complete independence with regard to the design and dimensions of the PV module is attained. On this basis, even complete coverage of the roof surface can be considered.

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