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For Pre-Engineered Steel Structures, contact Clotan Building Systems. Pre-engineered building are extremely popular for alternative office building methods, as well as other industrial applications. The reason for the popularity of this building method, is because it is very versatile, and can easily be modified to appear more conservative or modern.

PEMB in Construction

The pre-engineered buildings will be manufactured and supplied according to your exact specifications, to ensure it meets your office building requirements. The design of the building will also take into account environmental stresses, building regulations etc. Contact Clotan Steel today to get the best pre-engineered buildings for offices – a professional consultant will provide you with a quote and all the information you need regarding your office’s pre-engineered building.

Why pre-engineered buildings are ideal for offices

The many advantages offered by pre-engineered steel buildings make it ideal for offices:

  • Customisable design: The design of your pre-engineered building is fully customisable, and will be manufactured and supplied according to your needs and specifications.
  • Quick construction time: Easy assembly and simple designs allow for quicker construction times when compared to regular or other building methods. The steel panels will be pre-engineered at Clotan Steel’s workshop, and delivered to the site for erection.
  • More affordable office building: Offices and other commercial buildings can be quite costly – pre-engineered buildings for offices will cut the price immensely, and still provide you with high quality and durable office buildings.
  • Additions: Pre-engineered buildings for your office will be constructed in a way that it is easy to build add-ons or remodel the building.
  • Strength and durability: Steel is a very strong and durable material, with a high highest strength-to-weight ratio, offering consistent quality. This also serves for a safe structure as result.
  • Non-combustible: The non-combustible properties of steel means that the structure will not help aid it the spread of fire, as it cannot catch fire.
  • No limitations: There are no limitations when it comes to pre-engineered steel buildings for offices – let Clotan Steel help you to build your office building by supplying you with pre-engineered building that meet the desired size, layout and design.


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