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Clotan Steel is a supplier of steel products based in South Africa, supplying prefabricated houses for various needs and applications. If you are looking for a manufacturer or supplier of prefabricated houses in South Africa, talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today.

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A professional Clotan Steel consultant will explain our different products available that will be most suitable for your usage.

We will provide you with assistance regarding specifications and application of the prefabricated steel housing options, ensuring that you get the best housing option for your requirements. Contact us today to talk to a consultant about our prefabricated houses and other steel products available.

What is a prefabricated house / modular building?

Prefabricated homes, also known as modular buildings or premade homes, are houses built by using pre-designed panels or modules. These panels are manufactured off-site at a steel products supplier like Clotan Steel, and then transported to the construction area. The prefabricated houses are then constructed though the erection of these steel panels. These prefabricated homes are manufactured in standard sizes to be shipped and assembled elsewhere – according to your requirements.

Clotan Steel manufactures high quality prefabricated houses and panels in South Africa, supplying these modular homes to clients across the country, and across borders to other Southern African countries. Contact us regarding you prefabricated / modular home needs, and we will provide you with your best options as well as a quote that fits your budget.

The advantages and application of modular buildings in South Africa

Clients usually have specific reasons for choosing prefabricated housing options for building and construction. This building method poses many benefits to the builder and client, which includes:

  • Shorter building timeframe that conventional or other building methods. Construction of prefabricated houses is much faster than building with brick and mortar.
  • This building method is ideal for temporary buildings when it is required.
  • This type of building is not dependent on any weather condition or climate.
  • The panels and structures manufactured by Clotan Steel conforms to the necessary safety measures and regulations for a safe building structure.
  • There is no material waste like regular building methods.
  • Prefabricated homes are highly accurate structures and will meet the needs and requirements of the client.
  • Modular construction costs are much cheaper than regular building methods, saving the client on costs.
  • Modular homes or pre manufactured buildings in South Africa are widely used in the commercial applications such as office buildings.

If you are unsure of whether modular houses are the best option for your needs, talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today. We will provide you with all the information you will need to make the right choice.

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Clotan Steel – Leading steel products supplier

Clotan Steel is a leading steel products manufacturer in South Africa, with prefabricated or modular homes as only one of our wide range of steel products available. We also manufacture the following steel products for the building / construction industry:

  • Roofing material and products: We supply high quality steel roof sheeting to the building and construction industry, comprising of corrugated roof sheeting, IBR roof sheering, widespan roof sheeting as well as our C-tile roof sheets. In addition to our wide range of roof sheeting in various specifications, we also supply flashing and rainwater goods and other steel roofing accessories.
  • Light steel frames: Our light steel frames are also a very popular building alternative to regular building methods, offering clients an efficient, accurate and cost effective building structure.
  • Pre-painted Steel: We supply a wide range of pre -painted Galvanised, Zincalume®, Zincal® and Aluminium products.
  • Solar systems: Together with our partners in the PV / solar industry, we offer the best solutions for your solar needs. Our solar systems can even be installed onto the roof of your modular / prefabricated house in South Africa, offering even more benefits to prefab home owners.

Contact Clotan Steel for prefabricated houses in South Africa

When it comes to prefabricated housing manufacturers in Southern Africa, you can rely on Clotan Steel to provide you with the best products that meet your specifications. Our steel products are manufactured according to stringent quality and control measures, ensuring our customers of high quality steel panels for prefabricated houses, and other steel products.

We will provide modular homes with a floor space that meets your needs and requirements. Talk to a consultant today regarding what you need for your pre manufactured building, for the best solution.

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