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If you are in need of reputable solar energy company in South Africa for your solar power needs, you can rely on Clotan Steel to assist. Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of solar energy systems, and can assist with your residential or commercial needs.

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Clotan Steel works in close collaboration with our partners in the solar industry, who supplies us with state-of-the-art PV panels for our solar systems. If you would like more information on this alternative energy supply method, talk to a solar consultant at Clotan Steel today. We will supply you with a very competitive quote, as well as a solution that fits your individual needs.

Why solar energy?

Solar energy systems have taken the world, and South Africa, by storm, supplying customers with an alternative energy supply in various different applications and settings. If you are experiencing any of the following situations, contact us for the best alternative energy solution for you:

• Reliability: If you are in need of a more reliable source of energy, then solar power is the solution for you. Unlike conventional energy methods, solar power doesn’t rely on an energy supply, which can lead to outages or load shedding. Power outages (a regular occurrence in South Africa) can lead to loss of income and assets – if you are a business owner looking for solar energy companies in South Africa that can supply you with a more reliable energy supply, contact Clotan Steel today.

• Remote location: If you are setting up in a remote location, or power is hard tocome by, solar energy offers a quick and easy solution for you. As solar power works with renewable energy from the sun, you can install it just about anywhere. Find out more from Clotan Steel, trusted choice of solar energy companies in South Africa.

• Cost saving: If your electricity bill is getting you down, and becoming harder to pay each month, it might be time to consider another source of energy. Solar panels can be used to complement your current power supply e.g. using solar panels for your geyser, or can completely replace your conventional energy supply.

• Environmentally friendly: If the environment and greenhouse gases is a concern for you, then solar energy is the way to go. Solar systems are environmentally friendly, and do not make use of the world’s valuable resources, but from renewable energy from the sun instead.

There are many advantages to making use of solar energy, especially in South Africa – if you are in need of a reputable solar energy company, contact Clotan Steel today.

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S5 and RTP Mini-Clamp – Solar System accessories from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel is the proud manufacturer of the specially developed S5 and RTP Mini Clamp, used to attach the modules to the profile panels. This clamp ensures that no holes need to be drilled in the material, giving a significant advantage over most normal roof profiles.

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