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Trust a top solar energy supplier in South Africa – In light of the current energy supply situation in South Africa, it is essential for many businesses and home owners to have a back-up energy supply when required.

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Solar Energy in South Africa is becoming a reality for many South Africans including business owners. In many cases a power outage leads to loss of income, and vastly affect a company’s turn-over.

Don’t lose unnecessary income or struggle in the dark. Get your solar energy in South Africa from Clotan Steel for a sustainable solution to your energy problem. Clotan Steel has been manufacturing high quality and durable solar systems, assisting many industrial companies, and business owners to find a suitable solar energy solution in South Africa.

Why solar energy in South Africa is best

Solar energy in South Africa offers a safe and reliable solution for your energy requirements. Solar energy, like other renewable energy, is also environmentally friendly, as it leaves no emissions and doesn’t require the use of the earth’s natural resources.
Solar energy in South Africa is a readily available and reliable source of energy for South Africans, and with so many benefits when compared to conventional energy supply. Benefits of solar energy includes:

  • Solar energy in South Africa is a reliable source of energy. As it is renewable energy, it will not run out!
  • Long term cost saving is another benefit offered by solar energy sin South Africa. After the initial installation cost, you will not pay high prices for your electricity monthly.
  • Little maintenance is required to your solar panels and solar system.
  • Unlike generators, solar energy offers a more silent alternative to produce energy.
  • The continuous development of solar systems and solar technology, means that the solar systems available are becoming more efficient for users in various applications.
  • Zero emissions and no use of valuable natural resources makes is environmentally friendly.

S5 and RTP Mini-Clamp – Solar System accessories from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel is the proud manufacturer of the specially developed S5 and RTP Mini Clamp, used to attach the modules to the profile panels. This clamp ensures that no holes need to be drilled in the material, giving a significant advantage over most normal roof profiles.

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Get your solar energy in South Africa from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel works in close collaboration with a top solar panel manufacturer in South Africa, which enables us to provide our customers with high quality solar systems and excellent customer service at very affordable prices. Start reaping the benefits of solar energy in South Africa instantly when installing solar systems from Clotan Steel.
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