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The amount of solar energy suppliers in South Africa is increasing, due to the growing demand of renewable energy supply. With today’s energy supply situation in South Africa, it is clear why more individuals and companies are seeking alternative energy supplies that offer for reliability and cost efficiency.

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Clotan Steel is a reputable solar energy supplier in South Africa, offering solar systems and solar fixing solutions to fit your needs. We offer commercial and industrial solar system solutions – Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about our solar products.

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Clotan Steel works in close collaboration with our partners in the solar system manufacturing business. Together, we will offer you the most suitable solar power solution to fit your requirements.

There are many benefits to making use of solar power systems from Clotan Steel, solar energy suppliers in South Africa, such as:

  • Solar energy makes use of renewable energy from the sun, meaning that it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t consume any of the earth’s natural resources. It also doesn’t release any toxins or carbon dioxide such as generators.
  • Even though solar energy has a high initial installation cost, it will become very cost efficient in the long term.
  • The main reason for implementing solar energy in South Africa in the industrial environment, is that it is a more reliable source of energy than conventional power supply.
  • Solar power systems from trusted solar energy suppliers in South Africa is also very low maintenance. The solar cells don’t require much maintenance, and will run for many years without needing replacement or repairs.
  • Installation is done quick and easy when making use of professional solar energy suppliers in South Africa. Clotan Steel offers the best solution for your solar system needs, and will install your solar panels and systems professionally, according to your requirements.
  • No matter where you or your company are located, you can make use of solar power systems as an alternative power supply. It is ideal for remote destinations where conventional power supply is scarce or impossible.

S5 and RTP Mini-Clamp – Solar System accessories from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel is the proud manufacturer of the specially developed S5 and RTP Mini Clamp, used to attach the modules to the profile panels. This clamp ensures that no holes need to be drilled in the material, giving a significant advantage over most normal roof profiles.

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If you are considering to install solar power systems and looking for trusted solar energy suppliers in South Africa, contact Clotan Steel today. We will offer you the best solution to your solar power needs. Read more about our solar power and solar fixing systems, or contact us today for more information.

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