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The need for alternative energy options is increasing as the cost of conventional energy rises. Solar heating panels can greatly assist to lower your overall energy costs, through heating water by means of an energy independent system.

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Clotan Steel is a leading provider of solar heating panels in South Africa, as well as supplying and installing complete solar energy systems as per our clients’ needs. Enjoy the many benefits of solar heating systems – contact Clotan Steel today to discuss your solar energy needs and our team will provide you with a suitable and affordable solution.

Solar heating panels – Applications and benefits

Solar energy offers a free and unlimited source of energy to users, as it makes use of energy provided by the sun, which cannot be depleted. Solar heating panels are widely used in homes, offices and even industrial applications – solar panels are connected to a solar geyser, meaning the water will be heated via the solar panels installed. This is very beneficial as it means that you will save money on energy used to heat water in the long run.

Solar heating panels will also lower your impact on the environment; a reduction in the use of traditional energy supply, means a reduction in CO2 emissions which is harmful to the environment. Other benefits of using solar energy (not only for heating) is that you will become more energy independent, which is greatly beneficial in times of power outages.


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  • How does a solar heating system / panel work?

    The solar panel will use the energy supplied by the sun, which is captured by the photovoltaic cells which make up the solar panel. The solar energy is then converted to be utilised by the solar geyser (part of the solar heating system), heating the water effectively. A consultant will need to determine your solar system needs before installing your solar heating panels for your heating system, in order to ensure that the system meets your needs.

    Clotan Steel together with our partners in the Photovoltaic industry will aim to supply you with the best solution for your solar system needs. We will offer you a solution the meets your requirements, as well as fits into your budget. Enjoy the many benefits related to cost-saving and a reliable energy source – contact Clotan Steel today for more information about our solar heating panels.

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