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For solar panels South Africa, look no further. If you are searching for a trusted supplier of quality solar panels South Africa, you are in the right place – Clotan Steel is a top supplier of solar panels South Africa, distributing the best quality solar panels throughout the country.

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Clotan Steel manufactures and distributes steel products as well as solar panels South Africa. Solar systems in South Africa are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial use. And with so many benefits offered by solar systems and solar panels South Africa, it is clear why.

Benefits of installing solar panels from Clotan Steel

Solar systems pose so many benefits for individuals and the environment. When it comes to cost saving and electricity, solar panels South Africa truly pays off in the long run. Installing solar systems in South Africa might come with a cost, but it will save you money after only a short period of time.

Another benefit of solar panels South Africa is reliability. With today’s electricity situation in South Africa, it is important to have a back-up, especially in a business environment where electricity is essential. Solar panels in South Africa will ensure that you have an additional power supply when the electricity is out.
Solar energy from your solar panels South Africa is also a renewable form of energy, meaning that it is environmentally friendly.

Clotan Steel – Leading supplier of solar systems South Africa

Clotan Steel is a top supplier of solar panels South Africa, and will supply you with your commercial or residential solar panel needs at very competitive prices. Our solar panels South Africa are manufactured according to the highest industry standards, to ensure satisfied clients. Contact the leading PV (photo voltaic) solar panels provider in South Africa, Clotan Steel, today.


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Solar systems are the way to go if you are looking for a reliable and affordable source of energy for your commercial or industrial environment. Clotan Steel will offer you the best solutions when it comes to solar systems, and can also be collaborated with our roofing solutions.

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