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Clotan Steel is a reputable supplier of steel frame housing in South Africa, offering the best quality light steel frames and pre-engineered steel building material for your building project needs.

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Light steel frame housing South Africa is becoming a popular alternative to conventional building with bricks, mortar and timber, and with good reason.

Steel is the perfect material when it comes to housing and building material, as it offers many benefits. If you’re considering steel frame housing, trust Clotan Steel to supply you with the best steel products and light steel frames in South Africa.

Why steel is the perfect material for building and steel frame housing 

If you are in the building and construction industry, you will agree that using quality material is essential to ensure durable and safe buildings and housing, which will ultimately protect your reputation as a builder. Steel is the perfect option when it comes to building projects, as it offers many benefits, such as:

•Steel offers the highest strength to weight ratio, meaning that it is perfect for steel frame housing material.
•Steel is much cheaper than the conventional building material such as bricks and mortar as well as timber.
•Steel is non-combustable, which is an important aspect to consider when choosing building material for your residential or commercial building project.
•Steel is very durable and has a long life span, making it perfect for steel frame housing in South Africa.

Top manufacturer of steel frame housing South Africa

Find the right steel frame housing products and kits from Clotan Steel. Our products are both durable and dependable, as we aim to manufacture light steel frames from the highest quality steel and to the highest standards. You will find the right steel frame housing South Africa products to fit your building needs, offering you the best possible solution.

Our steel frames housing options are also very economical, and are supplied at very competitive prices. There are many different options available when it comes to light steel frame housing in South Africa from Clotan Steel, meaning that you will certainly find a solution to your building needs.


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As a leading supplier of steel products, Clotan Steel distributes steel products across South Africa, and even Africa, including steel frame housing. Steel products manufactured by Clotan Steel includes:

• Roofing sheets
• Pre-engineered steel buildings / Light steel frames
• Lipped channel
• Pre-painted steel products
• Solar system installations

Contact Clotan Steel today to find out more about steel frame housing in South Africa as well as other steel products.

Why steel frame houses from Clotan Steel is the best choice for you  

Steel frame houses is increasingly starting to replace conventional building methods and material, due to many reasons. By making use of this modern building method, you will be able to express your artistic building dreams, with precision building and high quality structures. When making use of Clotan Steel’s products for your building project, you are guaranteed of a very cost effective and versatile building system that will fit your needs. Our high quality engineered products will be supplied according to your building requirements and needs for the best results. Here are the main reasons why steel frame houses is the best choice for you:

•Steel is 100% recyclable, making is an environmentally friendly choice of building material.
•Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it a strong and durable choice for your building project.
•As opposed to timber, steel is non-combustible, and will not aid in the spread of fire.
•Steel is very durable, and will not warp, crack or rot over time.
•Steel is resistant against moisture and will not expand or contract when in contact with moisture.
•Purchasing steel frames for housing purposes from Clotan Steel means that your steel frames will be consistent with our high quality products, according to our manufacturing standards.

Benefits of steel frame houses for you as the builder

As a building or construction company, steel frame houses also pose many benefits for you. These benefits include:

•The material is very light weight, and very lighter than other framing material such as timber. This means that little or no lifting equipment will be necessary for construction.
•As material quality is consistent, there will be no need to reject or sort material.
•Using light steel frames for steel frame houses will give accurate building results – with straight walls and sharp, precise corners.
•There will be less wastage when opting for steel frame houses, as the material will be supplied according to your specifications.

More about light steel frames for your steel frame construction

Read more about why you should use light steel frames for your building project, and the advantages of steel frame houses in South Africa. Should you require any additional information about this building method, contact Clotan Steel for assistance today. We will provide you with all the information you need to proceed with light steel frame construction. Clotan Steel’s light weight steel framing will meet your requirements and specifications for the most accurate building results. Talk to us today.

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Get the best steel material for your steel frame houses and building projects from Clotan Steel. Our steel products are manufactured according to the highest standards and quality, ensuring the best products for your needs. For more information about Clotan Steel’s light steel frames / steel frame houses, talk to a sales consultant today. We will assist with all your queries and offer you a very beneficial building system.

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