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Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel roofing and other steel products for building / construction in South Africa. Clotan Steel has built an outstanding reputation amongst our many clients in the construction industry in South Africa, by supplying them with high quality steel products, professional service and timely delivery.

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If you are looking for steel products for your construction project, Clotan Steel can assist. We manufacture a wide range of high quality steel products, which will be supplied according to your specifications and needs. Talk to a consultant today about your construction project and steel products / steel roofing needs.

Steel roofing products available from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel manufactures full range of steel roofing products, ensuring our clients find what they need for their roofing project. Choose from the following steel roofing products available from Clotan Steel:

  • IBR roof sheeting: Inverted Box Rib, or more commonly known as IBR, is a widely used roofing profile for industrial, commercial and residential roofing needs. This popular steel roof sheeting features a square fluted profile, ideal for side cladding and roofing. Durability, versatility and excellent drainage characteristics makes the IBR roofing profile a popular choice for construction companies and clients. With an effective covering width of 686mm, this roof sheeting is available in a number of dimensions. Talk to a consultant about your IBR roofing specification and needs.
  • Corrugated roof sheeting: Corrugated roof sheeting is the traditional and most popular roof sheeting that features an S-rib profile, ideal for cladding and roofing needs in commercial and industrial applications. Strong is structure and extremely versatile, this roofing profile offers an effective covering width of 762mm. Available in a number of dimensions, you can order your corrugated roof sheeting according to your specifications and needs. Talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today about your steel roofing needs.
  • Widespan roof sheeting: Widespan roof sheeting is another popular roofing profile, offering customers a more cost-effective roofing alternative. This box rib profile features a wider span and lower slopes, saving on material, and ultimately on costs. This trapezoidal profile offers an effective covering width of 800mm, and can be supplied according to your project specifications and needs. Choose from a wide range of steel material for your steel roofing products – contact Clotan Steel today to talk to a consultant about your steel roofing needs in South Africa.
  • C-Tile roof sheeting: The C-Tile roof sheeting manufactured by Clotan Steel is a steel roofing profile that resembles roof tile, and is quite popular in residential application. C-Tile roof sheeting from Clotan Steel is available in various materials, with a durable Chromadek®/ Colorplus® finish. For more information about this steel roofing product, talk to a consultant today.
  • Concealed fix roof sheeting: The concealed fix roof sheeting is a specially designed roofing profile that offers hidden fasteners, ideal for use in commercial application such as malls, warehouses, office buildings and more. This steel roof sheeting offers a number of advantages such as easy installation, leak-proof fixtures, the minimizing of break-ins through the roof as well as a professional an appealing finish. Talk to our sales consultant about pricing and information about the Craft-Lock, concealed fix roof sheeting.

With our many options available when it comes to steel roofing, you are sure to find the steel roofing products you need from Clotan Steel.


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    The benefits and application of steel roofing in South Africa

    Steel roofing is definitely a smart choice when it comes to roofing options in South Africa. There are many benefits when installing this roofing product in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, without the user even realising it. Here are a few reasons why steel roofing is such a popular roofing option:

    • Versatility: Steel roofing is extremely versatile, and is suitable for almost any roofing application. Whether you need roofing for your home, small business or commercial building, steel roofing is definitely a viable option. Steel roofing can be cranked and bent to meet your specific needs, and steel roofing is available in various materials and finishes.
    • Energy efficient:Steel roofing is also energy efficient, resulting in lower monthly electricity bills.
    • Cost saving: Steel roofing is more affordable than conventional roofing material, saving you sums of money when choosing this roofing alternative.
    • Environmentally friendly: Steel is 100% recyclable, meaning that you will be choosing an environmentally friendly roofing option.
    • Quicker installation: Steel roofing allows for quicker installation times, which will shorten your project completion times in general. Steel roofing is also easy to install, especially Clotan Steel’s concealed fix roof sheeting.
    • Low maintenance: Steel roofing is relatively low maintenance, as this durable roofing option will withstand harsh weather conditions such as the sun, rain and cold.

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