Widespan Sheeting

Clotan Steel corrugated sheeting

Widespan is a roofing and cladding profile designed to provide an economic alternative to deeper Box Rib profiles without losing the aesthetic appeal of a square fluted profile. The trapezoidal Widespan profile offers greater spans and lower roof slopes than Corrugated sheeting but provides the same covering width. Widespan can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to various radii depending on customers’ requirements. Talk to our Sales Consultant about pricing options.

Widespan roof sheeting

Structural Guidelines

Widespan roof sheets are available in a wide range of materials displaying various structural properties. It should be noted that the load span characteristics are only to be used as a broad guideline as purlin spacing is also dependant on other factors such as the prevailing winds in a certain area, snow during winter periods, the presence of dust and other particles in industrial areas, the type of structure that is being erected, etc. We therefore recommend that an engineer be consulted to determine the purlin spacing for a specific application. The structural properties of the various material options can be summarised as follows.

Recommended maximum purlin spacing (metres) – Widespan

Thickness Steel Grade0.40 mm ISQ5500.47 mm G550 ISQ5500.50 mm ISQ550 G5500.55 mm G5500.58 mm ISQ3000.80 mm ISQ230
Roof – single span0.901.351.351.401.401.60
Roof – double span1.191.551.551.651.650.90
Cantilever – roof0.200.400.400.450.450.55
Wall – single span1.251.801.801.951.952.20
Wall – double span1.702.202.202.352.352.75
Cantilever – wall0.500.900.901.001.001.15
Weight per metre2.897 kg3.194 kg3.615 kg3.833 kg4.197 kg5.798 kg
Weight per m23.801 kg4.191 kg4.744 kg5.030 kg5.507 kg7.608 kg

Table indicates standard stock available. Discuss your individual needs with our Sales Consultant.

Available dimensions

Widespan sheeting is available in standard lengths of 1.5 to 15 m although lengths of up to 20 m are available on request. The permissible length tolerance for the standard length range will be -0 +5 mm. Sheets outside these parameters are available on request and might be subject to special pricing arrangements. The maximum height which can be transported is 4.3 m. This factor should be taken into account when bullnoses and curves are designed.

Roof pitch

When using Widespan, the recommended minimum pitch is 10.0° for roof slopes in excess of 30 m and 7.5° for slopes less than 30m. When Widespan roof sheets are end-lapped,
the roof pitch should be taken into account. The minimum end laps for roofs pitches in excess of 15° is 15 mm and for other roofs a minimum of 250 mm is recommended. End laps for sheeting should be at least 100 mm. It is recommended that end and side laps on low pitched roofs be sealed to ensure water-tightness.

Installation procedure

The required number of Widespan sheets can be calculated as follows:
Number of sheets= Length of building + gable end overhangs – 50 mm
0.762 m ( Cover width of sheet)

Roof sheets must be laid with the narrow flute of one corrugation side lap uppermost and should be fixed through the crests of alternate flutes to purlins using 57 mm Top Speed or Tex screws into steel purlins and 90 mm Tex or Top speed screws in the case of timber roofs. All fasteners should incorporate 19 mm dia bonded washers. For vertical wall cladding (side cladding) it is recommended that the broad fluted be fixed externally with the main and side lap fasteners in the web of the flutes. Side cladding can be fixed using 25 mm Tex or Top speed screws. All fasteners should incorporate 19 mm dia bonded washers.

In order to qualify for a guarantee on Zincalume®, Colorbond®, Colorplus® and ZincAL® sheets the following fasteners supplied by Buildex Industries should be used:

Metaltex Climaseal 3 for steel purlins and Timbertex Zacs 4 for timber purlins. The use of these fasteners will dramatically increase the lifespan of the roof sheeting as corrosion caused by fasteners is avoided.


Specification (*refer to table indicated below)

(*Thickness & material quality) Clotan Steel Widespan (with/without) integral stiffening rib (Chromadek®/Colorbond®/Colorplus®) steel roof sheeting and accessories fixed to (timber/steel) purlins or rails with a (*refer to table) spacing. All sheeting is to be clearly marked on the reverse side at one-metre intervals, indicating thickness, material quality and coating thickness.

(*Thickness & material quality) Clotan Steel Widespan (with/without) integral stiffening rib (coating) steel sheeting and accessories with (Chromadek®/Colorbond®/Colorplus®) finish on one side and protective primer coating on the reverse side fixed to (timber/steel) purlins or rails with a (*refer to table) spacing. All sheeting is to be clearly marked on the reversed side at one-metre intervals, indicating thickness, material quality, coating thickness and paint system. (available in different pre-painted color options)

Thickness & Material QualityCoatingAvailable Paint System
0.40 mm – ISQ550Z150 Galvanised
0.47 mm - ISQ550Z150 Galvanised
0.47 mm - ISQ550Z275 Galvanised
0.50 mm - ISQ550Z275 Galvanised
0.58 mm - ISQ300Z275 Galvanised
0.80 mm - ISQ230Z275 Galvanised
0.50 mm - ISQ550Z200 GalvanisedChromadek®
0.58 mm - ISQ300Z200 GalvanisedChromadek®
0.80 mm - ISQ230Z200 GalvanisedChromadek®
0.47 mm - G550AZ150 Zincalume
0.55 mm - G550AZ150 ZincalumeColorbond®
0.50 mm - G550AZ150 ZincAL®
0.55 mm - G550AZ150 ZincAL®Colorplus®

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