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Coil Slitting Services

This is the process where you cut a coil into smaller strips. Clotan Steel has modern and versatile driven slitters. It is loop slitting with tension devices to minimise the stresses in the magnetic properties of the steel. We use high quality shimless tooling for accurate and rapid setups. The information below is a guideline for the operational parameters of our slitters. If you need coil slitting services, contact Clotan Steel.

Input Coil Specifications

Max Coil Mass35 Tons
Max Coil Od.2200mm

Slit Coil Specifications

Min Slit Width38mm
Max Slit Width1980mm
Min Side Trim Width per side2x Material Thickness but not less than 5mm
Slit Strip Id.508mm

Material Type

Max Width2000mm
Min Width600mm
Input Coil Id.508mm, 610mm and 760mm
Min Thickness0.40mm
Max Thickness5.0mm

Packaging Options

Eye Horizontal (Nested)
Eye to the Sky (On Pallets)Pallet at an additional charge
Plastic or Brown paperAt an additional charge


Slit Strip Width-0, +0.25mm or + 0, -0.25mm
CamberCamber depends on the quality of Input Coil
Edge Burr5 percernt of Material Thickness

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Packaging Options

Clotan Steel offer various options on packaging. Discuss your individual needs with our sales consultant.

1. Coil Eye to the Sky on wooden pallet
2. Coil Eye to the Sky nested on wooden blocks (Dunnage)
3. Coil Eye to the Sky nested on wooden pallet
4. Coil Eye to the Sky nested on wooden pallet with wooden blocks between slits
5. Coil Eye Horizontal on wooden pallet
6. Coil Eye Horizontal nested on wooden pallet
7. Coil Eye Horizontal with six eye ties

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