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If you are searching for companies to install your solar power systems South Africa, look no further than Clotan Steel.

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Solar power systems are the way to go when considering the current electricity situation in South Africa. Solar Power is a great alternative to conventional power supplies, offering its users an economic and stable choice of power for residential and industrial needs.

Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of solar power systems South Africa. Contact us for an affordable quote to install your solar systems.

Benefits of installing solar power systems South Africa from Clotan Steel

There are many reasons why one would choose to install solar power systems South Africa within your home and business environment. With the current unstable supply of electricity, it might be necessary to find alternative means for power supply. By installing a solar system in your home or business, you will experience a steady power supply for your needs.

As solar power makes use of renewable energy from the sun, it is also a much cheaper method to supply energy. You will save on large electricity bills when making use of solar power systems South Africa.

Best quality solar systems, products and services form Clotan Steel – Solar system supplier

When it comes to solar power systems in South Africa, make use of a reputable supplier such as Clotan Steel. We will install your solar systems professionally and efficiently, according to the highest standards. Make use of Clotan Steels professional services to install your solar power systems South Africa and be guaranteed of lasting and durable solar power systems.

Working together with our partners, we will ensure that your solar panels and solar power systems South Africa are installed according to your standards. The PV (photo voltaic) systems supplied by our partners are perfectly suited to Clotan Steel’s roof sheeting and roofing products, making it ideal to install solar systems through us.


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Why install a solar power system in your home or business – South Africa

There are many reasons and advantages of installing solar power systems in South Africa. Here’s why you should consider installing a solar system from a trusted solar system supplier like Clotan Steel in your home:

  • Energy independence: When installing a high quality solar power systems in South Africa, you will no longer be dependent on conventional energy methods. The energy supplied by the sun is free for all, and not monopolised like fuel. You will not be dependent on resources like fossil fuels or coal for your energy supply.
  • Global warming: Although this might not be your primary reason for installing a solar system in your home or company, it is definitely an advantage nonetheless. Solar power does not contribute to global warming, or the emission of greenhouse gases – making it an environmentally friendly choice of energy supply.
  • Saving you money: Installing PV / Solar panel in your home, small or large company, you can save great amounts of money in the long run. Although there is an initial cost to install your solar power system in South Africa, thereafter the maintenance is low to nothing at all. This is especially beneficial for larger companies who use large amounts of energy on a daily basis.
  • Reliable source of energy: Making use of solar power will supply you with a reliable energy source, and you / your company will not be affected by power outages, load shedding etc. This will save your company money when it comes to down-time due to energy cuts as well.

Trusted solar panels / solar systems supplier in South Africa

Clotan Steel is a trusted supplier of solar panels / solar power systems in South Africa, and will install a system that fits your needs and requirements. Clotan Steel makes it easy for customers to switch to solar energy; we offer a comprehensive assessment of our customer’s individual energy needs, which enables us to provide a cost-effective and efficient energy solution.

Contact the trusted supplier of solar panel / solar power systems in South Africa, and get the best quality solar products and excellent levels of services at a price that fits your budget.

PV Panels in conjunction with the Craft-Lock from Clotan Steel

Clotan Steel has designed and manufactured a roofing profile that features the patented Craft-Lock, ideal for fastening your solar panels. The modules can be attached to the profile panels by means of specially-developed RTP S5 Mini clamp. Installation of the PV panels is easy and hassle free. Contact a solar power systems (South Africa) consultant at Clotan Steel today for more information.

Contact Clotan Steel today for the best solar power systems in South Africa

If you are interested in installing solar power systems South Africa, enquire at Clotan Steel today. We will supply you with an affordable quote to install top quality solar systems for your home or business.

As a leading solar power systems suppliers, we will assess your solar power needs, and advise you on your best solar solution options. When making use of Clotan Steel, you are ensured of professional and efficient installation.

Contact Clotan Steel today for your solar systems and solar fixing solutions in South Africa.

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