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Light steel frame homes are becoming a popular alternative building solution to conventional brick and mortar building. Light steel frame homes pose many benefits for building contractors and home owners alike. Find out more about why you should choose light steel frames for your home’s building solution from Clotan Steel.

Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer and distributor of light steel frame homes, also referred to as pre-engineered steel buildings in Africa. Clotan Steel has been manufacturing steel products for over 30 years, and has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this field.

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Light steel frame homes – Alternative building solutions

Light steel frame homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to building and construction of new homes or buildings. This might have a lot to do with the global trend towards environmentally friendly practices when it comes to building methods. Light steel frame homes presents many advantages when compared to regular brick and mortar building methods for the building contractor, home owner as well as the environment.

The many advantages of light steel frame homes for building solutions in South Africa include:

  • • Erecting light steel frames is much quicker than conventional methods, resulting in a quicker building time.
  • • Light steel frame homes are not susceptible to pests or fungi such as conventional timber.
  • • Steel frames are strong and durable, and will not warp or shrink like timber can.
  • • Light steel frame homes ensure more accurate building results, and less call backs for the builder.
  • • Light steel frame homes are also flame proof, meaning fire would not spread like with timber.

All in all, light steel frame homes offers high quality, cost efficiency, durability and speedy building solutions. Find out more about the benefits of light steel frame homes in South Africa from Clotan Steel.

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Trusted supplier of light steel frames

Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of light steel frames for homes and construction. Light steel frames have been used in European countries and the US for decades, yet has only been introduced to South Africa a few years back. Clotan Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of light steel frames for homes, supplying many customers with high quality products and excellent customer service to fit their requirements. Light steel frames for construction from Clotan Steel truly offers clients a cost-effective building alternative. When making use of Clotan Steel for your light steel frames, we will advise you on the best options to fit your needs, as well as supply you with the best light steel frames for your building project. We also offer an onsite production service, talk to a sales consultant today to discuss your individual needs.

Why buy light steel frames for houses from Clotan Steel

If you’re considering light steel frames for your building project, contact a Clotan Steel consultant today for more information. We will offer light steel frames for homes that are strong and durable, providing safer structures that require less maintenance. When using steel for your building projects, you are guaranteed of quality products as there is a consistent material quality, as steel is produced in strict agreement with national standards. Steel is particularly beneficial in the construction of roofs, as it provides resistance against warping, rotting, splitting as well as pests and fungi.

Benefits of light steel frames for the environment

As the steel frames can be cut in specified lengths, there will be less wastage. Steel can also be recycled, meaning less use of the earth’s natural resource, iron ore. Steel frame homes can also be built in areas that are environmentally sensitive, as it has a very low impact on the environment. In manufacturing of light steel frames, it also requires less electricity to heat and cool than regular bricks do, and it doesn’t require any toxins to treat the material such as timber does. Get the best light steel frames for your construction and building projects today to start reaping the benefits of this modern building method. Contact Clotan Steel for more information – leading light steel frames for homes supplier in South Africa.

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If you are considering light steel frame homes for your building project, contact Clotan Steel today. We will gladly assist with more information and advice when purchasing light steel frames or other steel products for you building project in South Africa, or the rest of Africa.

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