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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of steel frame houses South Africa? Clotan Steel is a reliable manufacturer of steel products, including steel frame houses in South Africa.

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Clotan Steel’s steel frame houses and steel products are manufactured according to high industry standards to ensure durable steel products for building project needs. Years of experience in manufacturing steel products makes Clotan Steel a leading choice of steel frame housing suppliers in the whole of Africa.

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Why choose steel frame housing for your building project

Steel frame houses South Africa pose many benefits for the building contractor as well as the home or building owner. Steel frames are very durable, ensuring strong and safe buildings for tenants and owners. Steel is also not susceptible to termites or fungi, and is also safer in building fire situations. Steel frame houses South Africa is becoming a preferred choice of building solutions as opposed to conventional building methods.

Steel frames are very light weight, making it easier to work with when erecting steel frame houses in South Africa. Steel frames also ensure a more precise building result – including square corners and straight walls. There is also less wastage when using steel frames as opposed to lumber. Steel can also be manufactured according to the correct specifications for steel frame houses South Africa, preventing unnecessary cutting of material.

There are also a number of environmental benefits when choosing steel frame houses in South Africa. The benefits of using steel frame houses South Africa includes:

  • Strength: Steel possesses the highest strength to weight ratio
  • Fire safety: Will not burn when building is on fire
  • Durability: Will not decay, rot or lose shape
  • Extremely precise building results

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Clotan Steel – Leading steel frame houses supplier in South Africa

If you need a trusted supplier of steel frame houses South Africa, contact Clotan Steel today. We are a leading light steel frame supplier in Africa, and will offer you steel products according to your specifications and needs. As a well-rounded steel product supplier in Africa, our comprehensive range of steel products include roofing material (roof sheeting), slitting, flashing and rainwater goods, lipped channel, pre-painted steel and solar systems.

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