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Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of concealed fix roof sheeting, namely the Craft-Lock. This is a versatile and beneficial steel roof profile, used my many clients across South Africa and neighbouring African countries.

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If you would like more information about Clotan Steel’s concealed fix roof sheeting, the Craft-Lock, talk to a professional sales consultant for assistance today.

Clotan Steel is a leading steel products manufacturer in South Africa, distributing our steel products to countries across Africa.

What is concealed fix roof sheeting?

Craft-Lock roof sheeting offers a concealed fixing methods when erected, meaning that the fasteners are hidden when assembled. The Craft-Lock offers a unique fixing method, that involves a male and female lip that is used to join ribbed profiles, without visible fixings. This concealed fixing method offers many advantages, which is why it is used by many construction companies for the construction of large buildings. Concealed fix roof sheeting is widely used in industrial applications, including factories, workshops and the automotive industry, as well as other applications such as malls, offices, schools universities and many more. For more information about how the Craft-Lock roof profile works, talk to a sales consultant at Clotan Steel today.

Advantages of the Craft-Lock roof profile – Concealed fix roof sheeting

There are many advantages to using the Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing system. Here are a few reasons why the Craft-Lock is becoming the preferred choice amongst contractors:

Leak-free fixtures: Leaking problems are eliminated through our unique starter bar and fixing cleats, and the roofing profile is also ideal for low roof pitches, with an excellent water-carrying capacity.

Easy construction: Easy construction of the Craft-Lock roofing system allows for quicker erection times, offering a more efficient building method.

Cost-effective: No material wastage and quick erection times make it a very economical choice of roofing options.

Security benefits: The fact that the fixtures are not visible, means roofing profile cannot be easily removed to gain access to the building.

Re-usable: Roof sheets can be dissembled and recovered for further use, which is a great benefit of the Craft-Lock in cases where buildings need to be demolished.

There are many other benefits of Clotan Steel’s Craft-Lock, concealed fix roof sheeting. Talk to a sales consultant today for more information and specifications about this product.

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    Distributing concealed fix roof sheeting across East Africa – Clotan Steel

    Clotan Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products in South Africa, distributing our steel products, and specifically the Craft-Lock concealed fix roof sheeting to East African countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. If you are in need of a manufacturer that will supply you with concealed fix roofing products in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, contact Clotan Steel to assist. Clotan Steel is a top distributor of Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing in East Africa.

    Leading Concealed Fix Roofing Supplier in Southern Africa

    Clotan Steel is a leading Southern African supplier of roof sheeting and other steel products. Of you need a supplier / distributor of concealed fix roof sheeting (Craft-Lock) in Angola or Zambia, talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today. You can expect excellent service, timely delivery and high quality steel products when choosing us as your steel roof sheeting supplier in Southern Africa. Our professional team will advise you on the best roofing products for your needs, and will supply you with concealed fix roof sheeting that fits your specifications. Talk to a consultant today about our Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing sheets.

    West African supplier of concealed fix roof sheeting

    Need a steel product supplier in Ghana, West Africa? Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of steel products in Africa, supplying countries throughout West, East and Southern Africa with steel products, such as light steel frames, pre-fabricated steel buildings, steel roof sheeting and especially concealed fix (continuous) roof sheeting. Clotan Steel is renowned for high quality products and excellent service, always aiming for timely delivery of steel products to our clients, that meet their specifications and requirements. Many African construction companies and clients refer using concealed fix roof sheeting due to the many advantages offered by this versatile roofing option. For more information or to order your continuous roof sheeting and other steel products, contact Clotan Steel today.

    Some of our recent projects

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    Trusted supplier of steel roofing products in Africa

    Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of steel roofing products in Africa. In addition to manufacturing our continuous roof sheets, the Craft-Lock, our company also manufacture and supply a wide range of other steel roofing products for our clients in the construction industry. We supply the following roofing products to local South African clients, as well as clients across borders:

    • Roof sheets: Clotan Steel manufactures a wide range of roof sheets including IBR roof sheets, wide span roof sheets, Corrugated roof sheets and the C-tile roofing sheet. Talk to our professional consultant for more information about our roofing sheets, and to get a quote on the products you require for your roofing project.
    • Roofing accessories: Clotan Steel’s range of roofing accessories include flashing and rainwater goods, such as gutter, downpipes and more. Complete your roofing project by making provision for water diversion with our high quality rainwater goods, supplied according to your specifications and needs.
    • Services: As a leading manufacturer of steel products, you can expect professional bullnosing and cranking services to ensure the roofing products you order meet your requirements.

    Trust the leading supplier of steel roofing material in Africa to supply you with high quality and cost-effective steel roofing products including continuous / concealed fix roof sheets, IBR roof sheets, corrugated roof sheets and more.

    About Continuous Roof Sheeting

    If you are weighing your options when it comes to roofing options, Clotan Steel may be of assistance. The continuous roof sheeting products manufactured by Clotan Steel are ideal for commercial, industrial and other large scale applications. This roofing option allows for quick and easy installation, leak-free fixtures and a secure roofing option that protects against intruders. If you need more information about our continuous roof sheeting products, don’t hesitate to talk to a consultant at Clotan Steel today. We will advise you on the best steel roofing products for your needs – trust the leading steel product manufacturer in Africa.

    For more information or to place an order, talk to a sales consultant at Clotan Steel today.

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