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If you need a professional company to install your solar system in Gauteng, you can rely on Clotan Steel to assist. Clotan Steel is a trusted name in the building industry, supplying companies with quality steel building supplies as well as solar system installation services.

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If you wish to install a solar system for commercial, industrial or residential use, don’t hesitate to contact Clotan Steel today. Clotan Steel will provide you with the best solution for your solar power system needs. Contact the leading solar system suppliers in Gauteng today for assistance.

The advantages of solar power and why you should install a solar system

Solar power offers a reliable and sustainable source of energy, suitable for use in commercial, industrial and residential application. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy, making it an environmentally friendly energy option. Solar energy doesn’t contribute to CO² emissions, and also doesn’t use the earth’s valuable natural resources.

Solar energy offers so many benefits when compared to conventional energy supply. Some of the benefits of making use of solar power include:

  • Reliable energy: Solar energy is a reliable source of energy, which is ideal for companies, businesses and individuals in South Africa. Because it is renewable energy, it will not run out!
  • Cost saving: Long term cost saving is another advantage of solar systems in Gauteng. After the initial installation cost, you will not pay high prices for your electricity monthly.
  • Low maintenance: Little maintenance is required to your solar panels and solar system.
  • No noise: Unlike generators, solar systems offer a silent alternative to produce energy.
  • Power efficient: The ongoing development of solar technology results in the solar systems available are becoming more efficient for users in various applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: No CO² emissions and the fact that it does not require the use of the earth’s valuable natural resources, makes solar energy the most environmentally friendly energy option.


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    Clotan Steel works in close collaboration with a leading manufacturer of PV / Solar panels in the country, which enables us to provide our customers with high quality, reliable solar systems as well as excellent customer service and technical support. Enjoy the many benefits of solar systems in Gauteng when installing solar systems from Clotan Steel.

    Contact the leading solar system suppliers in Gauteng for your solar system installations, as well as your other steel building supply needs.

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